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2012 News

December  2012

Funds available for seed grant proposals to collaborate with SSHCZO

14 Dec 2012 - Educators and researchers are encougaged to submit proposals for collaborative research within the CZO.  We are pleased to be able to offer...

Second seed grant proposal funded through SSHCZO

11 Dec 2012 - A second award has been granted on the RFP seed grant program for collaborative research at the SSHCZO.  The proposal entitled "Geophysical...

CZO Presentations at 2012 AGU

03 Dec 2012 - A listing of more than 125 CZO-related presentations for the 2012 annual meeting of the AGU.

November  2012

First seed grant proposal funded through SSHCZO

28 Nov 2012 - We are pleased to announce the funding of the first seed grant proposal which was awarded to Dr. Lixin Jin, Department of Geological Sciences,...

SEG student chapter at Rutgers organizes NSF visit, SSHCZO research presented

05 Nov 2012 - Students present benefits of collaborating with CZOs for their annual geophysics field trip.

October  2012

The SSHCZO is now accepting proposals for 1 year grants

29 Oct 2012 - The SSHCZO is pleased to announce the opportunity for researchers and educators to submit proposals for research within the CZO.

September  2012

Two PhD. Candidates receive CarbonEARTH Fellowships

04 Sep 2012 - The NSF sponsored CarbonEARTH (Educators and Researchers Together for Humanity) Fellowship Program teams Penn State STEM graduate students with...

August  2012

International Innovation Publishes August Edition with Special Focus on US Critical Zone Program

30 Aug 2012 - The European magazine, International Innovation Environment, published bi-annually, focused the August issue on "How science must lead the way to a...

CZO PhD Candidate Ashlee Dere wins award at Goldschmidt 2012

27 Aug 2012 - It is with great pleasure we announce that Ashlee Dere, PhD Candidate Geosciences, has been awarded Winner of the poster and oral presentation...

July  2012

CZO PI takes Penn State Hydrologic Model to Chania, Crete

19 Jul 2012 - In a four day workshop focused on reactive transport modeling, PI Chris Duffy and his research group teach the finer points of the Penn State...

June  2012

Collaborating Undergrad Awarded Society of Exploration Geophysicists Scholarship

04 Jun 2012 - Derek Lichtner, undergraduate at Temple University, has recently been awarded the David C. Bartel Scholarship from SEG. Lichtner has participated in...

May  2012

PSU Altoona Biologists and Temple University Geophysicists join the catchment

29 May 2012 - Dr. Jonathan Nyquist and undergraduate student, Derek Lichtner, both of Temple University, have begun a summer research project in conjunction with...

NSF Investment in SSHCZO Leads in New Directions

16 May 2012 - Our “Planet at a Crossroads,” a National Science Foundation SEES (Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability) Discovery...

The catchment hosts members of Penn State satellite campuses, Mont Alto and Altoona

14 May 2012 - Students from PSU Mont Alto Forestry Academy, one of the first forestry schools in the nation, were given an overview of the CZO, past and present,...

April  2012

Ron Amundson, UC – Berkley, visits PSU and CZO for Annual Seminar Series

12 Apr 2012 - The CZO in conjunction with the Department of Crop and Soils, Department of Geosciences and the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute hosts Ron...

March  2012

CZO to join PHENOCAM - An ecosystem phenology web camera network

21 Mar 2012 - Dr. Andrew Richardson ( has provided a high resolution video camera (StarDot NetCam SC Megapixel...

Want to Understand Drought? Follow the Water!

15 Mar 2012 - NSF *Science Nation* video shows how lifecycle of water in the Susquehanna River Basin may reveal answers for drought prone areas

The Penn State Environmental Geophysics class (Geosc 483) goes to the catchment

15 Mar 2012 - The Geosc 483 geophysics course, taught by Dr. Andrew Nyblade, will begin work in the catchment today for hands on experience using geophysical...

January  2012

Investigating the earth’s critical zone

30 Jan 2012 - To the ordinary eye, south-central Pennsylvania's Shale Hills catchment is a pleasant little tract of deciduous forest much like any other in...

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