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Two PhD. Candidates receive CarbonEARTH Fellowships

Carbon Educators and Researchers Together for Humanity

04 Sep 2012

Image: Carbon Educators and Researchers Together for Humanity [Click image to enlarge]

The NSF sponsored CarbonEARTH (Educators and Researchers Together for Humanity) Fellowship Program teams Penn State STEM graduate students with elementary and middle school science teachers from Pennsylvania’s Philipsburg and Harrisburg School Districts. During this academic year, Ashlee Dere, Geosciences, will work with Laura Warner, 4th grade partner teacher at Philipsburg Elementary School to teach science lessons on themes of conducting scientific investigations, food chemistry and environmental science. In addition, Katie Gaines, Ecology, will work with CindyLee Hart, 7th/8th grade science teacher at Ben Franklin School in Harrisburg. Gaines visits Harrisburg once a week and teaches life and earth sciences curriculum to four classes of 7th and 8th graders. For more information about CarbonEARTH, click here!

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