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Mark S. Seyfried


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 208-422-0715

Soil Spatial Distribution; Measurement of Soil Water and Temperature; Soil Water Modeling

Soil Scientist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service

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PhD, Soil Physics, University of Florida, 1986
MS, Soil Genesis and Classification, University of Florida, 1982
BS, Soil Resource Management, University of California, 1977

I am a soil scientist interested in how and why soils vary across the landscape and how those variations affect water movement and plant growth. I am particularly interested in physical controls, such as due to soil water content and temperature, which are especially important in the mountainous, semiarid terrain where I’ve done most of my field research. This field research has spawned considerable research in to the development and interpretation of instrumentation, both in situ and remotely sensed. I am also interested in the mathematical representation of critical processes in simulation models, which are needed to link processes and extend field research to larger scales. The really key questions I intend to address are related to the linkages of processes across scales because they are so critical to our long-term sustainability.


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