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Yu-Feng F. Lin


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 217-333-0235

Hydrogeology and Geophysics

Assistant Section Head Hydrogeology and Geophysics, Illinois State Geological Survey

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PhD, Geological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002

Hydrological cycle interactions and sustainability; Environmental impact associated with geologic carbon (CO2) sequestration (GCS); Numerical modeling and parameter estimation for groundwater flow system; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications in natural resource management; Tradeoffs between economic welfare and water resource sustainability; 3D visualization application in hydrogeology


429 Natural Resources Building 615 E Peabody Ave Champaign IL, 61820

CZO Publications
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    Critical Transition in Critical Zone of Intensively Managed Landscapes. Kumar, P., Le, P.V.V., Papanicolaou, A.N., Rhoads, B.L., Anders, A.M., Stumpf, A., Wilson, C.G., Bettis, E.A., Blair, N., Ward, A.S., Filley, T., Lin, H., Keefer, L., Keefer, D.A., Lin, Y.-F., Muste, M., Royer, T.V., Foufoula-Georgiou, E., and Belmont, P. (2018): Anthropocene


    The Intensively Managed Landscape Critical Zone Observatory: A Scientific Testbed for Understanding Critical Zone Processes in Agroecosystems. Wilson, C.G., Abban, B., Keefer, L.L., Wacha, K., Dermisis, D., Giannopoulos, C., Zhou, S., Goodwell, A.E., Woo, D.K., Yan, Q., Ghadiri, M., Stumpf, A., Pitcel, M., Lin, Y-F, Marini, L., Storsved, B., Goff, K., Vogelgesang, J., Dere, A., Schilling, K.E., Muste, M., Blair, N.E., Rhoads, B., Bettis, A., Pai, H., Kratt, C., Sladek, C., Wing, M., Selker, J., Tyler, S., Lin, H., Kumar, P., and Papanicolaou, A.N. (2018): Vadose Zone Journal

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