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Charles Dow


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Data management at both local and national levels

Director of Information Services; Stroud Water Research Center
Stroud Water Res. Ctr. - Stroud Water Research Center
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Ph.D. , Forest Resources , Pennsylvania State University, 1997

My research interests primarily involve land use/land cover impacts and effects on water quality and quantity. Despite the large volume of research devoted to relating watershed conditions to stream water quality, many uncertainties still remain. The ongoing challenge is to take different methods of assessing water quality and incorporate them into a single picture of stream health, one that highlights both the unique aspects of each measure and also the overlapping aspects between measures, leading to “multiple lines of evidence” for defining water quality conditions.


610.268.2153 x259
Stroud Water Research Center 970 Spencer Rd Avondale PA 19311

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    Development of an integrated information system for Critical Zone Observatory data . Whitenack, T , Williams, M W, Tarboton, D G, Zaslavsky, I, Durcik, M, Lucas, R G, Dow, C, Meng, X, Bills, B, Leon, M, Yang, C, Arnold, M, Aufdenkampe, A K, Schreuders, K, Alvarez, O. (2010): Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union. December 2010. Abstract IN31B-1289 Cross-CZO National