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Porporato, 2020


Hydrology without Dimensions (John Dalton Medal Lecture)

Porporato, Amilcare (2020)
EGU General Assembly 4-8 May 2020  


Dimensional analysis offers an ideal playground to tackle complex hydrological problems. The powerful dimension reduction, in terms of governing dimensionless groups, afforded by PI-theorem and related self-similarity arguments is especially fruitful in case of nonlinear models and complex datasets. After briefly reviewing these main concepts, in this lecture I will present several applications ranging from hydrologic partitioning (Budyko’s curve) and stochastic ecohydrology, to global weathering rates and soil formation, as well as landscape evolution and channelization.


Porporato, Amilcare (2020): Hydrology without Dimensions (John Dalton Medal Lecture). EGU General Assembly 4-8 May 2020.

This Paper/Book acknowledges NSF CZO grant support.