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Calhoun CZO Field Trip


Spring 2014 National CZO Program Meeting, Charlotte NC

Southern Piedmont and Calhoun CZO

Draft Version 3.0

17 April Thursday
800am Leave for Calhoun CZO Field Trip (field clothes, only one walk)

Stop 1.  Martin Marietta Quarry of Gabbro
(Mike Hamrick, Plant Manager)
Introduction to Quarry and open discussion on what is meant by preconditioning of bedrock?  Rock hammers welcome.

Stop 2.  Padgett’s Creek Church Parking Lot
Brief welcome from District Forester Beth LeMaster, USFS, and introductions with Calhoun PIs and Students
Overview of Calhoun CZ landforms, soils, and land-use history (Richter)

Stop 3.  Reference Hardwood Stand
Upland Interfluve Reference Hardwoods

Stop 4.  Welcome to the Anthropocene!
Old eroded cotton field with beheaded belowground critical zone (Markewitz)

Lunch  Rose Hill State Park

Stop 5.  How old is this landscape?
Coupling Be9 and mass balances of Be10 to estimate residence time of the Calhoun soil-saprolite (Bacon)

Stop 6.  Long-term Soil-Ecosystem Experiments
Original mission of the Calhoun Experimental Forest: how have historic and contemporary land uses altered carbon and other biogeochemically active elements?  (Richter)

Stop 7.  Re- and Up-instrumentation of the historic Calhoun watersheds
What is Critical Zone recovery from human impact – hydrologic and biogeochemical recovery? (Porporato, McGlynn)

Stop 8.  Outreach and Education from the Calhoun
Snappy question! (O’Neill)

Dinner Southern cuisine on drive back to Charlotte

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