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Lower Sheep Creek (Lower Sage)

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Lower Sheep Creek (Lower Sage) is an intermediate elevation CORE site within the watershed sensor network, and is characterized by light cattle grazing and low sagebrush.

0.131 km2   Area

Parent Field Area:
Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed ▲

Lower Sheep Creek

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Setting & Research
  • Setting & Research

    Location:  521498.19 E, 4776770.61 N

    Elevation: 1600 m

    MAT: 8.5 C

    MAP: 345 mm

    Area: 0.131 km

    Dominant veg: Artemisia arbuscula

    Instrumentation: CORE Station, MET Station (relative humidity, wind speed, temperature, precipitation, solarradiation), Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature , Eddy Covariance Tower, Soil Respiration, Snow Depth, Weir

  • Data

    No datasets for this field area have been entered yet