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Fourth Annual Amtrak Club Meeting


University of Delaware

The 2015 (Fourth Annual) Amtrak Club Meeting will be hosted by the Geological Sciences Department of the University of Delaware.  There will be a field trip on Thursday, May 14, and talks will be held at the University of Delaware on Friday and Saturday, May 15-16. 

Please save the date!  Stay tuned for further details regarding the program, registration, etc.

The meeting will highlight in-depth talks on a variety of topics in Earth and Planetary Surface Processes.  As always, we hope to highlight the work of students.

The aim of the Amtrak Club is to maintain and foster the Mid-Atlantic network of scientists studying all aspects of Earth-surface science. All scientists and research-oriented students who live within an Amtrak-ride from the conference venue and whose interests lie in the areas of quantifying rates of landscape evolution, mechanics of sediment transport and soil production, coastal processes and the sedimentary record, and response of landscapes to anthropogenic disturbances are encouraged to attend! Please, encourage your students and postdocs to submit an abstract and register.

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