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Garner Run - Sandstone Forested

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Garner Run Sandstone Forested site is situated on both sides of a segment of Garner Run, a tributary of Shavers Creek, on sandstone bedrock of slopes of Leading Ridge and Tussey Mountain in Huntingdon County, PA. (1.34km2), located ~ 3.5 km north of the Shale Hills site, is a headwater catchment with a small stream flowing parallel to a syncline fold axis of Tuscarora Formation, an erosionally resistant orthoquartzic sandstone with minor interbedded shale units. Surficial geology is largely controlled by periglacial alteration, such as slumps and solifluction lobes associated with thawing permafrost soils.

Google MapsTM satellite view of the Garner Run Sandstone Forested site.

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