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Two seed grants funded for 2014-2015 research at Shale Hills

The Spring 2014 Request for Seed Grant Proposals in Support of Critical Zone Science in the Susquehanna Shale Hills CZO resulted in the successful funding of two research projects.  

Kent State

In the first proposal “Investigating inorganic and organic-mediated cation transport from soils to streams,” PI Elizabeth Herndon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Kent State University, will examine mechanisms driving the water-mediated transport of elements from soils to streams and investigate the hypothesis that bioactive elements are transported as complexes with organic compounds.  This project will train 1 undergraduate in field and laboratory techniques as well as expose an upper-level undergraduate and graduate class in Hydrogeochemistry to water-rock interactions and water quality issues through an on-site visit field trip.  Results of the proposed work are expected to yield at least one peer-reviewed publication related to DOC and metal cation chemistry and transport. Additionally, results will be presented at one or more scientific conferences.   This award was funded for $9,902 with the period of performance from 8/15/2014 – 8/14/2015.  

Unitied States Geological Survey

In the second proposal, “Quantification of mass balance of colloidal material across lithologies and environments,” PI Carleton Bern, Ph.D., Research Soil Scientist USGS, will extract and analyze soil colloids in the laboratory from shale derived soils and granitic derived soils from Susquehanna Shale Hills CZO and Luquillo CZO, respectively.  Proposed interactions will utilize archived samples and previously collected geochemical data to develop a dual-phase mass balance model with implementation at two or more Critical Zone Observatories.   This award was funded for $10,000 with the period of performance from 8/15/2014 – 8/14/2015.  

Kent State

Unitied States Geological Survey

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Herndon, Kent State
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2014 CZO seed grant proposal

Bern, USGS
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2014 CZO seed grant proposal

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