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The 2017 – 2018 cohort of TeenShale meets for first in-house & in-field experience

This year’s cohort of TeenShale Network consists of eight returning participants (10th – 12th graders) and eight new team members (8th & 9th graders).  Reviews of shale gas development and possible environmental issues in PA, hypotheses emerging from data collected in prior years, and the introduction of Orphaned and Abandoned legacy oil/gas wells (OAWs) were all included in the morning introduction discussions.  An afternoon at Black Moshannon State Park provided the hands-on demonstration and one-on-one mentoring between the veteran members and the new participants.  The cohort will gain knowledge in the methods available to locate orphaned and abandoned wells and determine if any are located in their watershed.  In addition, the team will apply their water quality monitoring techniques to a new stream, Wallace Run, this fall to measure the water quality surrounding a known OAW.

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TeenShale Outreach 2017-2018 cohort

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