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Terrestrial LIDAR Comes to the Catchment

PI’s Eric Kirby and Rudy Slingerland and PhD student, Nicole West, hosted A.J. Herrs (University of Kansas) from March 21st – 23rd to conduct high-resolution imaging of micro-topography along hillslopes within the Shale Hills CZO catchment. Herrs used a terrestrial, tripod-mounted LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to scan the topography of the catchment from multiple points; geodetically referenced prisms and reflectors were used to tie multiple scans into a single image. Measurements from the ground-based LiDAR are collected at much finer resolution (decimeter scale) than airborne LiDAR (approximately 1.5 meter). This resolution will enable the researchers to characterize pit-and-mound topography characteristic of soil mixing by tree-throw.

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