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Shale Hills hosts eight-member delegation from China

To further their knowledge in critical zone research, a delegation of geologists from the China Geological Survey (CGS) and students from the China University of Geosciences visited the United States to tour the Boulder Creek CZO, the Susquehanna Shale Hills CZO, USGS, and NSF.  To date, several projects have been conducted by the CGS in the North China Plain and the Yangtze River Basin.  However, CGS is still in the initial stages of Critical Zone research and without an established CZO.  During their trip, the delegation sought to communicate with US scientists, visit field sites to learn of recents advancements, and to find areas of potential collaboration.  The Shale Hills visit included a welcome lunch by Lake Perez, a catchment field tour (for the first time provided in Chinese), and the "State of the CZO" seminar by Dr. Susan Brantley, which kicks off a seminar series each September at Penn State.  



Welcome lunch for Chinese delegation.

Instrumentation discussion 1.

Instumentation discussion 2.

Instumentation discussion 3.

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