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PI’s from CZO organizing AGU session on hydrologic processes

As scientists from all over the world converge in San Francisco, CA this fall for the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, PI’s from Penn State (Chris Graham, Kevin Dressler, and Chris Duffy) will convene a hydrology session “The Role of Isotope Networks in Environmental Observatories.” This session is envisioned as bringing together researchers who are using stable isotope measurements (water, carbon and other isotopes) in the fields of surface hydrology, ecohydrology, tree physiology and groundwater hydrology. It is of special interest to anyone who is working at some of the hydrological observatory networks (such as CZO, LTER, NEON etc…). Abstracts for presentations are now being accepted on topics ranging from determining flow patterns and flow rates to the design and implementation of isotope networks.

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