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Multiscale Modeling Workshop will be hosted by Shale Hills CZO

As part of our Critical Zone cross-site activities, the Shale Hills CZO will be holding a workshop August 2-4, 2010 titled: Multiscale Modeling Using the Penn State Integrated Hydrologic Modeling System (PIHM). PIHM is multi-process, multi-scale hydrologic modeling tool, where the physical processes are fully coupled using the semi-discrete finite volume method ( This workshop will provide hands-on experience in using PIHM for modeling watershed dynamics. Participants will learn to use a customized GIS interface to PIHM (called PIHMgis) for i) automated ingestion of model parameters from national databases, ii) conditional domain decomposition of the model domain, iii) performing multistate simulations and calibration and iv) visualization of model results. A goal of the workshop is to stimulate cross-site CZO modeling activities.

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