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Hydrogeophysics Field Camp Returns for 2nd year

This summer, nine undergraduate students will be taking Geosc 397A: The Hydrogeophysics Field Experience with Dr. Kamini Singha from May 17 to June 4. Four students will be from Penn State, two from Jackson State University in MS and three from Fort Valley State University in GA. These students will combine field experimentation, data analysis, and numerical modeling with in-class instruction during the three-week program to develop and test hypotheses regarding the processes controlling solute transport. The Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory near Shaver's Creek Environmental Center is the “home base” for this field camp due to its proximity to the Penn State campus and its facilities. Environmental consultants, government employees, and researchers from small companies will be coming through the field camp to demonstrate hydrogeophysical field equipment and highlight jobs in environmental fields. The students will learn basics of pumping tests, tracer tests, and slug tests as well as have exposure to geophysical techniques such as electrical resistivity, wireline logging, and ground-penetrating radar. Any students, staff, or faculty, interested in hydrology or environmental science are welcome to attend field demonstrations if they are interested; please contact Kamini Singha at

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