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GeoPATHS field experience explores the CZO

As part of the GEOPATHS Field Experience, first and second year undergraduate students worked together to explore the shallow subsurface of the Earth’s Critical Zone using geophysical techniques in the Garner Run catena of SSHCZO.  In an area previously uncharacterized, the participants worked with graduate student mentors to learn theory and application of ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity tomography, and seismic reflection. Geophysical data collection was complimented with data processing and visualization sessions. The participating students are primarily from urban 2- and 4-year colleges and arrived at Penn State with little or no geoscience experience. The participants bonded through team building in the High Ropes Challenge Course at Stone Valley Recreation and were introduced to geoscience career paths by CZO scientists. The two-week long field experience culminated in final projects that were developed and executed by the students and were presented to the SSHCZO team. The GEOPATHS Field Experience is supported by the National Science Foundation, and is a collaboration between Penn State University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, Newark, Temple University, and Dickinson University.

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