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Flux Tower instrumentation complete for the Garner Run catena

The Garner Run sandstone catena will have additional measurements coming online soon.  A LI-COR Eddy Covariance system was installed on Hunt 40 tower located in Huntingdon County, Barree Township, PA. The 180-foot tower sits on Tussey Mountain east of SR 26 within Rothrock State Forest and equipment is placed at 90 feet on the tower. 

The equipment consists of a LI-COR LI-7550 analyzer interface unit to record data to a removable USB drive and allows downloading via high speed Ethernet cable. An open-path CO2/H2O LI-7500A infrared gas analyzer (IRGA) is connected to the interface unit that measures densities of carbon dioxide and water vapor. A Campbell Scientific three-dimensional sonic anemometer is also connected to the LI-COR interface unit. This sensor measures the wind components and the speed of sound. In conjunction with the IRGA fluxes of CO2 and H2O can be determined.

Tower equipment set-up at Joe Hayes Vista.

Climber on the tower raising the equipment for installation.

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