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Environmental DNA from SSHCZO soil to be analyzed in international study

The DNA Sequencing Research Group (DSRG) of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF), an international group of scientists from 140 core laboratories, is conducting a comparison of high-throughput parallel sequencing technologies on selected environmental DNA samples. On the recommendation of Mary Ann Bruns, PSU Associate Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences, soil DNA from the SSHCZO (Rushtown series, A/A2 horizons) will be included in the study. According to Bruns, the wealth of soil biogeochemical data collected at the CZO site adds value to the "metagenome" information obtained by DSRG. Provision of key soils information is consistent with the mission of the Genomics Standards Consortium for international DNA sequence databases. The Bruns lab will obtain DNA using two different soil extraction methods. Deb Grove, Director of the Huck Institutes of Life Sciences Genomics Core Facility at Penn State, will be involved in high-throughput sequencing of two "pools" of environmental DNA-small subunit ribosomal RNA genes and shotgun metagenome fragments. Results will be presented at 2011 ABRF meeting Feb 19 in San Antonio, TX.

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