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Drill the Ridge Campaign Begins on South Ridge of Catchment

Drillers arrived onsite this afternoon to begin the "Drill the Ridge" campaign for the Shale Hills catchment.  To complement the 80ft well drilled on the North ridge several years prior, the plan included drilling a ~30m (100ft) well on the south ridge of the Shale Hills catchment.   A continuous rock core (~2.5 in diameter) was extracted which will be used to directly measure fracture distributions, rock properties, and geochemistry. Further detailed logging and down-hole geophysics will provide measurements of resistivity, conductivity, spontaneous potential, temperature, gamma ray, optical televiewer, seismic velocity, neutron density, and much much more. At the conclusion of the campaign, the well will be cased and two nested wells installed (one at ~30m and one shallower ). 

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SSHCZO Drill the Ridge Campaign

This gallery depicts the February 2013 field campaign "Drill the Ridge."

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