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CZO welcomed Dr. Dan Richter to PSU and the catchment

The Penn State Annual Critical Zone Seminar series welcomed Dr. Dan Richter, Professor of Soils and Forest Ecology at Duke University, for the Spring 2013 visit and tour of research facilities.  Dr. Richter spoke on The Changing Models of Soil and Earth’s Critical Zone to a diverse group of faculty and students from more than four colleges within the university.  In addition to his seminar, Richter spent time visiting the Penn State Living Filter, the Penn State Agronomy Farm and the Shale Hills CZO.  Students and faculty provided an overview of current research in the CZO to Dr. Richter and lively discussions were enjoyed by all.  This event was sponsored by: the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management; the Department of Geosciences; and the Earth & Environmental Systems Institute.

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