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2019 SSHCZO All-Hands Meeting at Penn State

The 2019 All-Hands Meeting brought together our core team, our off-campus collaborators, and our outreach partners at Shaver's Creek in a new format to enhance the scientific interactions and discovery.  Day One events took place in the newly renovated Hamer Classroom in the Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center with student presentations in three research topics:  Measuring and Modelling Forests, Measuring and Modelling Roots and Respiration, and Measuring and Modelling Water in Shale Hills and Garner Run.  Also included in the day was the “science” trail walk around the CZO, a field trip to Cole Farm, and the featured seminar “Quantifying Anthropocene Landscape Change in Southern New England” by guest speaker Dr. William Ouimet, University of Connecticut. 

Day Two events continued with student presentations; posters sessions for discussion of accomplishments, ideas for the future, and networking with off-campus colleagues; brainstorming discussion of collaborations and next steps; and concluded with feedback from our invited guest.  Please see below for the agenda and abstract volume.



Featured seminar by Dr. William Ouimet, University of Connecticut. 

Jon Duncan and Yuning Shi discuss the next generation agroecosystem model. 


Joanmarie Del Vecchio highlights the finer points of the Bear Meadows landscape morphology.

Yuting He describes the data types measured at the flux tower. 


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All Hands 2019 Meeting
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All Hands 2019 Meeting agenda and abstract volume

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